About Me

I am an autodidact photographer, who gravitates towards photographing people.

What I produce is sometimes dreamy, evocative, close and occasionally abstracted, ambiguous and ethereal. And often dark. All of my photography, by some degree or other, is a form of self portrait - although by way of allegory rather than literal.

I am primarily interested in people and light interlaced with themes of intimacy and  introspection. I am pre-occupied in making my photographs a deeply sensory experience. 

I have been published by invitation in Sachet Mixte Edition 4, Photodarium Private 2017, 2018 & 2019 and interviewed for Flickr's blog on 19th October 2020 as part of Polaroid Week.

If you are more interested in how a photo can make you feel rather than just how it can make you look then drop me a line. 



07906 006257

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